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Paso Pacífico

Paso Pacífico works to restore and protect the Pacific Slope ecosystems of Central America, including dry tropical forests, mangrove wetlands, and coral reefs. It accomplishes this by building wildlife corridors that protect biodiversity and connect people to their land and ocean, emphasizing the involvement of local communities, landowners, and partner organizations.

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World Oceans Day

Each year, World Oceans Day provides an opportunity to honor, help protect, and conserve our shared ocean. It recognizes that a healthy ocean is critical to our survival, generating most of the oxygen we breathe, helping feed us, regulating our climate, and cleaning the water we drink. 


March for the Ocean

The 2019 March for the Ocean included marches on every continent except Antarctica. Its goal is to protect the oceans by stopping offshore drilling, demanding corporate accountability for plastic pollution, and obtaining funding to protect vulnerable coastal communities.