Featured Ocean Hero

Peggy Oki

Peggy Oki skateboarding in skateboard park, photo by Jeff Donovan

Forty years after her skating days with the Z-Boys, Peggy Oki is still surfing and skating. With powerful public art projects and exhibits, she empowers people of all ages while raising awareness for dolphins and whales. 

Peggy studied environmental biology at UC Santa Barbara, eventually receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Painting at The College of Creative Studies (UCSB). As a fine artist, she shares her work and teaches art to others. For over 35 years Peggy has been an activist for cetaceans (whales and dolphins). Learn more about her at her website, PeggyOki.com.

Through speaking to audiences worldwide, Peggy shares about her deep commitment to our planet that drives her to inspire people into taking action and leading a more fulfilling life. 

Photo by Jeff Donovan.

The Origami Whales Project

Peggy Oki with the Origami Whales Project. Photo by Matt Dayka.

World Oceans Day Ventura is proud to present part of Peggy's Origami Whales Project (OWP). Since 2004, Peggy Oki has worked to raise awareness concerning threats to cetaceans (dolphins and whales) through the OWP. Its main symbol is its stunning and memorable "Curtain of 38,000 Origami Whales," created under Peggy's direction by thousands of concerned citizens across the globe. Exhibited throughout the world, this large-scale public art project serves as a powerful visual statement and memorial for the thousands of individual whales killed since the 1986 ban on commercial whaling.

Photo by Matt Dayka.


Cali Conscious performing in front of a large crowd at a beach

Cali Conscious

Cali Conscious is an 8-piece Surf Reggae Rock band from Huntington Beach, California. Formed in 2010 and naturally influenced by the sun, sand and sea, Cali Conscious blends 3-part harmonies, upbeat rhythms, and environmentally conscious lyrics. Their environmental activism has led them to organize monthly beach cleanups, construct a clean water well in Ethiopia using performance tip donation, and create a digital download card for their first album embedded with vegetable seeds.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Shine Rilling performing on a beach

Shine Rilling

Shine Rilling will conduct our opening and closing ceremonies for World Oceans Day Ventura. A resident of Ojai, Shine has traveled to over 13 countries, studied five languages, and trained with masters, elders, and leading-edge practitioners of human healing and spiritual evolution. With his two sons he founded School of the Peaceful Ninja and a Peace Center in Nicaragua. Shine is a holistic life coach, trainer, and therapist as well as an instructor of yoga, meditation, chi gung, energy healing, sound therapy, adventure therapy, and indigenous ceremony. Learn more about him at worldpeacetribe.com.

Peace Sticks game of people throwing and catching sticks

Peace Sticks

World Oceans Day Ventura will begin and end with Peace Sticks ceremonies. Peace Sticks is a "paradigm-shifting" game of throwing

and catching sticks. It embodies the energies of yoga, chi gung, martial

arts, dance, and music. It is taught in the form of a Peace

Ceremony which uses the way of the circle, talking stick, breath,

and other tribal technologies to unite people.

Ocean Experts Panel Members

Rosanna Garrison

Rosanna Garrison has spent 40 years working in the environmental field. Over the last six years, she has produced content in documentary television, specializing in projects, cases, and causes that build public awareness of the environment. She helped produce the documentary series Whale Wars, which spotlights the controversial Japanese whaling trade and the tactics the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society uses to cripple it. 

Andrea Neal

Dr. Andrea Neal has innovated businesses that help protect, preserve, and monitor natural resources. At Primary Water Resources, she develops solutions for international social and environmental water problems by taking a systems approach and integrating multiple disciplines and networks. In 2011, she co-founded and ran Blue Ocean Sciences bringing together a diverse team with multiple areas of expertise to solve large-scale environmental health challenges. 

Sarah Otterstrom

Ashoka Fellow Dr. Sarah Otterstrom has dedicated her life to protecting the Pacific coast ecosystems of Central America. She founded Paso Pacífico in 2005 and is a leader in Central American ocean conservation, developing oyster aquaculture programs and overseeing ranger programs that help protect nesting beaches for four species of sea turtles. Sarah has helped develop innovative conservation technologies such as the InvestEGGator and served on the boards of nonprofits and scientific journals.